Terms & Conditions


Dates, itineraries and offers depend on airlines and travel agencies with which Emily Travel collaborates. Emily Travel is not responsible in case the passenger is not allowed to travel for health or legal reasons.


At the time of booking a trip, the client must make the full payment to Emily Travel in order to confirm the travel reservation.

Personal Data

To confirm all the details of the trip, the client must reflect all of his personal data that are necessary at the moment of leaving the Albanian borders, such as: name, full surname, date of birth, nationality, passport number, expiration date or medical conditions that may affect the trip. The reservation cannot be confirmed without having all these data.


Ticket changes such as first name, last name, destination or date change are allowed based on the class of the ticket or company with which the ticket was confirmed. Also these changes in most cases are allowed up to 48 hours before departure. The client should notify the agency of any cases or issues that may arise before the date of travel to benefit maximum support. If the client does not travel and does not notify the agency as defined above Emily Travel agency has no obligation to the client and the ticket becomes invalid.

Age & health requirements

For most trips that Emily Travel takes, the minimum age of the passenger should be be 12 years old. All passengers under the age of 18 who are not accompanied by both parents, must be provided a travel permit by the parent who does not accompany them on the trip. Emily Travel informs passengers in advance about the health requirements of the trips / flights have, but it is their responsibility to meet these conditions or not.


The passenger must be provided with a passport which will be valid for 6 months from the moment of departure. Emily Travel is not responsible in case of any passengers is denied the right of travel due to lack of documentation or other reasons that do not depend on Emily Travel.


All passengers must be equipped with health insurance. Emily Travel provides health insurance service, in additional payment.

Itinerary change

If Emily Travel changes its travel itinerary, the agency is obliged to notify passengers maximum until the moment of departure. In such cases, the passenger can choose not be part of the trip or be refunded.


If a passenger has dissatisfaction during the trip, it can be expressed to the group leader or agency client care. If he does not receive a formal response within 30 days, he can write through the official website of the company.